Christian Siriano For Payless Is Perfect For The Tranny With An Office Job

Christian Siriano’s shoe line for Payless is now available, and even though we caught a glimpse of them during New York Fashion Week, we’re still disappointed. At least the ones the models at his show wore were interesting/scary, with spikes and chains galore. The two pairs currently on Payless’ website look like they were made for a tranny who works as the assistant to a business executive. Upon seeing the shoes, our Annika replied, “They hurt my feelings.” They’d probably hurt our feet, too. Abaete for Payless shoes

But checking out Christian’s shoes got us to click around the rest of the retailer’s website, and we found these taupe faux-suede heels from Abaeté that look classy and way more expensive than their $34.99 price tag. Someone may be making a stop by Payless after work to try these babies on. [Christian Siriano for Payless]