McSweeney’s Dreams Up “The Baby-Sitters Club: The College Years”

Were you a Baby-Sitters Club enthusiast? Come on, just admit it. Those books were the highlight of my late-elementary and early-middle school years. Oh, the ladies of Stoneybrook, Connecticut! Remember bossy, take-charge Kristy, creative and fashionable Claudia, shy and reliable Mary Anne, sophisticated and logical Stacey, and Cali girl Dawn? Remember the meetings, the diaries, and best of all … the drama? OMG, these characters were so real to me that I think I was deluded into believing that they were actual friends. I remember the empty feeling when I finished the very last Super Special. It was the end of an era.

Did you ever wonder what would have become of these girls had Ann M. Martin written about them past 8th grade? What would they have been like in high school? I’m thinking Kristy would be a jock, Claudia a druggie, Mary Anne a nerd, Stacy an overachiever, and Dawn … a hippie?

How about if they went to college? Thank goodness McSweeney’s has decided to help us out on this one. I totally lost it when I saw a post on their site called “Titles From The Baby-Sitter’s Club: The College Years Series.” Here are the highlights.

  • Claudia Goes to Class Wearing Sweatpants With Words On the Backside
  • Kristy’s Softball Friends Don’t Buy It That She’s Dating a Dude
  • Dawn and the Unpaid Internship
  • Stacey Unsuccessfully Hides her Purging
  • Mary Anne Narcs On Her Roommate

Um, a publisher should get on this. Now.