Agent Provocateur Steps Up Its Style Buzz

Lingerie line Agent Provocateur has always been a cult favorite, but they’re now beginning to monopolize the sexy lingerie market thanks to lots of excellent news today:

  • The label is launching a new jewelry line. (They currently offer some slightly unwearable rope and tassel bedroom accessories and a few necklaces.) The designs to launch in September will be much stronger with leather cuffs adorned with silver plates and Swarovski crystals. []
  • Also for fall, Agent Provocateur brings back its classics collection filled with the standard colors—pink, black, white, red—and featuring lacy corsets, nipple tassels, and demi-cup bras. []
  • Recently, English actor Russell Brand picked up a sales girl in one of the company’s New York stores. [Daily Mail]
  • And most notably, AP is planning to show at New York Fashion Week instead of their traditional London, and will debut a new couture collection. The pricey pieces (costing between $190 and $4,900) will include studded Italian leather, French lace, and crystals. Interesting … but would you buy “couture underwear”? We can’t imagine that having to dry clean your underthings after each wear would be very fun. Then again, we can’t afford $5,000 bras, so who knows what crazy rich people are willing to do. [Fashion Week Daily]