Is Downsizing One’s Boobs The New Hollywood Upgrade?

Once upon a time, Drew Barrymore was referred to as voluptuous, Posh Spice’s bosom practically spilled out of her dress, and Lindsay Lohan suddenly had the biggest boobs in town. It seems like ages since any tabloid made a ruckus over yet another celeb getting breast implants, and, let’s face it, Hollywood has always had a thing for the well-endowed starlet. So, where have all the big breasts gone? Have huge chests gone out of style? The Daily Beast reports that Kelly Osbourne plans to get a breast reduction before her wedding because she hates her cup size and wants to have the option to go braless. Other celebrities who have followed suit, either by weight loss or cosmetic surgery, include Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Connelly, and Kimberly Stewart.

We’re not sure which is worse: Women feeling the pressure to get implants or feeling like weirdos if they’re not an A or a B cup? Could this have anything to do with all the celebs that are moonlighting in the stick-figure-dominated fashion biz? Thoughts? [Daily Beast]