The New Must-Have Summer Accessory for Guys: Potbellies?

If the New York Times says “it’s hip to be round,” it must be true. According to the paper of record, it is officially cool for dudes to “rock a potbelly.” I’ve always been a secret fan of a well-rounded pot, and I’ve seen several of these burgeoning guts this summer with my own eyes, jiggling in all of their glory around the hip streets of Brooklyn, New York. I mean, who am I to judge? I’m rocking my own little “hot pot.” The day potbellies become trendy for the ladies is the day that pigs fly. But, seriously, why are our dudes getting porky? The hilarious theories after the jump.

  • Shirts are cut too small. Good point, but we know you’re buying a medium instead of a large to show off that pot!
  • Men need to have that extra layer to metaphorically “protect” themselves from all the women in the work place. Not buying this one.
  • In ironic opposition to the hotness of Obama. It’s true. It’s hard to live up to his superhero status. So, if McCain were elected, would our dudes be slimming down?
  • The recession. Stress increases stomach fat. Comfort foods. All very possible.
  • It’s too “metro” to be in shape. Kind of agree. I’m not really looking for a guy who spends more time at the gym than me.

Ladies are you into this potbelly trend? Guys, are you rocking your “pot” this summer? I think the big question here is: Will this put an end to the skinny jean trend once and for all?

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