Woman Lies To Husband About Her Sister Having HIV

Holy crap, you guys. I’ve heard some pretty sad stories about sibling rivalry, but this one takes the cake. A woman who grew up jealous and resentful that all her boyfriends lost interest in her the second they met her “stunningly beautiful” sister confessed to Slate’s resident advice columnist, Dear Prudence, that when she was dating her now-husband she lied to him about her sister having HIV so he wouldn’t be tempted to sleep with her! Now, years later, the husband still asks about the sister’s health, and the sister doesn’t understand why he always seems so concerned about her. The woman wants to come clean, but she doesn’t know how she can explain such a horrible lie. See how Prudence replies after the jump. Prudence tells the woman that her lie is, indeed, terrible, and it’s a miracle she hasn’t been found out yet. The good news, she says, is that the woman recognizes how ugly her behavior is and wants to make amends. Prudie suggests taking the husband someplace private and telling him how she grew up jealous and resentful that everyone she dated lost interest in her the moment they met her “stunningly beautiful sister,” and letting him know she was worried the same thing would happen with him.

Confess that you told the terrible lie about her being HIV-positive just so it wouldn’t happen. Add that what you did is not a comment on his character but on your insecurity. Say your sister is in perfect health, but your lie has made you sick at heart, and all you can do is beg his forgiveness.

That’s good advice, but I’d also suggest investing in at least a few sessions of therapy to work out some of the baggage with her sister. At any rate, let’s hope the husband can forgive his wife for her lie, she can learn to forgive herself and get over her insecurity, and the two of them can move on.

Have you ever seen or experienced sibling rivalry anything this? [via Slate]