“Sweaty Sundays” Exercise Class: Hipster Haven Or Totally Ridiculous?

“Sweaty Sundays” is a tremendously popular dance class at Foresight Studios in Silver Lake, California. The spaz class is led by choreographer, designer and performer Ryan Heffington. The students, who are artists by day, partiers by night, and hipsters round the clock, show up a little before noon on Sundays, usually hungover and highly caffeinated but never without colorful spandex and metallic headbands. Although “Sweaty Sundays” looks more like an American Apparel ad than an exercise class, the hipsters enjoy it so much the teacher had to add more classes. One’s called “Wet Wednesdays.” Ew. A few students have stopped staying out all night so they can shimmy and shake to the best of their abilities when the morning class comes. Some pat themselves on the back for getting up and out by noon. No doubt, prancing around to blasting indie rock, techno, and 1980s new wave at that hour is a real feat. Kudos to Heffington, who has to put up with the smell of sweaty, partied-out hipsters who always remember cigarettes and coffee but often forget showers and deodorant. This seems to beg for a new blog: “Look At That F***ing Hipster Exercise.” [NY Times]