Shocker! Kate Moss Looks Different Before And After Airbrushing

Kate Moss is hotter than ever these days. She’s killing it in new Prada and Just Cavalli campaigns, gracing the September covers of W and Russian Vogue, and recent business dealings with Simon Cowell and Philip Green indicate that the model-turned-designer is also entering into entertainment mogul territory. But the Daily Mail, one of the UK’s most entertaining and trashtastic papers, is always ready to cut a celeb down to size, and they love their Kate pot shots. This time, however, they’ve gone too far.Sure, we all love looking at photos of normally perfect-looking famous people in their crappiest states. (You know those “Celebs without makeup!” tabloids sell like hotcakes.) And this photo they’re running of what some consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world on vacation is, shall we say, striking. But my issue isn’t with the photo (I mean, hell, she’s taken thousands of great ones–we all have off days), it’s with the accompanying article, which is every woman’s worst nightmare. Admonishing Kate for leading a “hedonistic lifestyle,” they gather a team of experts who scrutinize her aging process from head to toe. They address the acne scar on her chin, the state of the back of her hands, her “droopy” jawline, her less-than-perfect tummy, and the fact that if she’s had any Botox injected, “it’s worn off.”

Sheesh! Isn’t this all a bit much? It’s certainly the ultimate in objectification. Then again, take one look at her W cover shot, and maybe it’s a good thing, in terms of women needing to see that sans the airbrushing, lighting, and makeup. “Supermodels, they’re just like us!”

Still, could you imagine if a newspaper printed a laundry list of your flaws? It’s pretty effed. Anyone?