Self Editor Fails At Defending Herself

After all the hype about the excessive photoshopping and airbrushing that was done to Kelly Clarkson’s photo on the cover of Self, Editor-In-Chief Lucy Danziger faced the Meredith Viera on the “Today” show to defend her magazine’s editing choices. Danzinger was hardly successful at defending herself. In fact, the more she spoke, the more contradictions she made, and the more confused I became. Viera began the interview by asking Danziger why her magazine made the decision to change Kelly’s body on the cover. Her answer? I’m still not sure. Danziger mentioned she loves Kelly “for the confidence she exudes from within.” But evidently not the confidence that comes from her outer appearance? The Self editor then points out that Kelly says: “look, my weight fluctuates, that’s who I am.” Uh, then why doesn’t the cover photo reflect that fluctuation of weight? According to Danziger, it’s because, “the thing about a poster is you want it to capture the ‘essence’ of you at your best.” The skinnier essence, then? She goes on: “we’re saying, look, everyone can love who they are from the inside out and want to achieve their goals.” Their goals of being thinner? But Kelly Clarkson said she doesn’t have that goal. So again, I am left puzzled.

Danziger then added an enlightening statement, “The one thing we say at Self is to be your personal best. No one can make you feel bad. Only you can feel bad inside yourself.” Huh? No one can make you feel bad? If I posed for a cover shoot and five inches were shaved off my legs I’d sure feel pretty crappy.

Having still not really addressed any of the questions she was asked, Danziger ended the interview by rambling about how unflattering satin is, and then goes into detail about the purple color of Kelly’s shirt. Viera then interrupted her to end the conversation, which was going nowhere.

All in all, an unsuccessful defense, I would say.