Breaking News! Cops Called To Gosselin House

Cops were called to the Gosselins’ house in Pennsylvania last night when Kate showed up unexpectedly. As Jon and Kate have mentioned to anyone who will listen, one of the unique ways they’re navigating their divorce, besides letting it play out in front of millions of people, is by keeping the kids in the house and taking turns staying with them. When it’s not Jon’s turn, he can be spotted gallivanting around with young women practically half his age. When it’s not her turn to stay with the kids, Kate, perhaps to her credit, tries to remain as close to them as possible, even if it means showing up at the house reports it’s not clear who called the cops, but what is clear is that Jon did not want Kate there, and a big argument erupted. “Kate couldn’t get access to the house. She was upset,” said the source. No arrests were made, and Kate left and checked herself into a hotel. A hotel? Doesn’t she have some swanky bachelorette pad somewhere by now? At any rate, it sounds like these two need to set up some ground rules and stick to them! Seeing cops in their house breaking up their parents’ fighting can’t be good for those kids. [RadarOnline]