Bernie Madoff’s Secret Lovah Spills The Beans In A New Book

Here’s a shocker. It looks like Bernie Madoff, the guy who cheated thousands of people out of $65 billion, cheated on his wife, Ruth. Sheryl Weinstein, a 60-year-old bottle blond, claims she had an affair with Madoff. She’s written all about their hotel trysts in her book, Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie and Me, which comes out on August 25.

According to The Daily Beast, Madoff often had lunch dates with Weinstein. On the way out, he’d tell his secretary, “She’s a pain in the ass, but I have to go out with her for lunch,” to cover his tracks. Aww, what a charmer.But that’s not the only beef Sheryl has with Bernie. While she may have been his lovah, she was also his victim. The charity she worked for, Hadassah, a Jewish women’s nonprofit, invested about $40 million with Madoff. A few years ago, Sheryl refinanced her apartment and invested the money with Bernie. Her son had interned with the man and—you know where this is going—decided to give Madoff all his money. Sheryl is one of the handful of people who decided to speak at Madoff’s trial, although she opted not to mention they’d been knocking boots. On the stand, she said the day she met Bernie 21 years ago was the “unluckiest day of my life.” In her opinion, he shouldn’t have the “privilege of walking and being among us mortal human beings.” [The Daily Beast]

And I thought my ex was bad.