14 Jobs That May Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Laid

Rich and famous Hayden Panetierre says she can’t get a man because of all the media attention she gets.

“It’s very, very difficult and people have no idea what they do to peoples’ relationships. They destroy them. The paparazzi and the public. The public wants to read about your personal life, and the paparazzi give it to them by nosing into your personal life and saying things that are just not true and horrible.”

Cry me a river, Hayden! In reality, there are worse professions when it comes to love. Try sex and relationship blogger. The potential threat of having your love life exposed on the internets is no one’s aphrodisiac. After the jump, the worst relationship dealbreaker jobs on the planet.

  1. Sewer Maintenance Crew: You stink.
  2. Animal-Sperm Collector: They call it “breeder,” but how do you explain jerking juice into a cup for a living?
  3. Off-Shore Oil Rig Worker: You’re stranded in the ocean with a pack of dudes for long periods of time.
  4. Stripper/Porn Star: When your job is sex, you don’t want to do it in your free time.
  5. Zoo Keeper: You smell like eau de animal.
  6. Divorce Lawyer: Need we say more?
  7. Sumo Wrestler: You wear an adult diaper.
  8. Hit Man: It’s hard to find someone who wants to be around you.
  9. Psychiatrist: You can’t stop seeing the crazy in everyone.
  10. IT Expert: Computer docs are on call 24/7. The internets has no respect for romance.
  11. Mortician: You only meet dead people.
  12. Gyno: I mean, how many vaginas can one man handle?
  13. Secret Agent: Sexy in theory, but lonely and scary in real life.
  14. Cosmetic Surgeon: Nobody’s perfect.

Have you ever stopped dating someone because of their job?