Today’s Lady News: No Burqas In The Swimming Pool!

  • An Islamic woman in France has accused local officials of religious discrimination after she was banned from wearing her “burqini,” a bathing suit that fully covers her arms, legs, and hair, in a local pool. Earlier this summer, French President Sarkozy announced that head-to-toe burqas were “not welcome” in the country. In this case, local officials said they forbid her body-covering garb for hygienic reasons. [Yahoo]

  • The editor-in-chief of Self, Lucy Danziger, blogged in defense of her magazine’s airbrushing the bejesus out of Kelly Clarkson to make her look thinner on their August cover. “Did we alter [Clarkson’s] appearance?” she wrote. “Only to make her look her personal best.” [] — I get it now! “Personal best” means not looking real.
  • A book about a young black girl gets a photo of a white girl on the cover. WTF? Australian author Justine Larbalestier was not happy when Bloomsbury Children’s Books, her publisher, as she put it, “whitewashed” the cover of her book, Liar, by depicting the main character as white. [Guardian] — Thankfully, Bloomsbury has changed its tune, thanks to pressure from the author and supportive bloggers.
  • A British study of civil servants’ paychecks found that women are paid an average of 30 percent less than men, and women make up less than one-third of all civil servant employees. To remedy this, the UK’s liberal political party is suggesting the government use “no name” job applications. [Sky News] — Or they could try what Norway did and mandate that publicly traded companies have 40 percent women on their staff.
  • Equality California, a gay rights group in California, said it will wait until 2012 to fight for an amendment allowing gay marriage in the state constitution. A ballot initiative earlier this year banned same-sex couples from marrying. [LA Times] — Move to Massachusetts, gay friends in Cali.