The “Mad Men” Drinking Game

It’s “Mad Men” mania over here at TheFrisky. The only way we could possibly overdose is by playing this drinking game. Round up some friends for the season premiere on Sunday night and see if you can keep up with the characters. If you want to class things up, take a cue from the set’s self-described “Alcohol Department,” which told the New York Times that the painstakingly accurate cocktails imbibed on the show include martinis, rusty nails, Tom Collinses, and vodka gimlets. You can also check out AMC’s 1960s Cocktail Guide. After the jump, the rules. Drink each time…

  1. Don cheats on Betty. (Includes kissing another woman.)
  2. Every scene in which Bobby Draper appears and doesn’t smile.
  3. Each time Pete walks into Don’s office unannounced.
  4. Someone stares at Joan Holloway’s ass.
  5. Joan repeats outfits.
  6. Peggy wears tartan or plaid.
  7. A new piece of technology or machinery is introduced and marveled at.
  8. A new secretary gets hired.
  9. Someone sleeps with said secretary.
  10. The ad men work on an account for a real brand.
  11. A child prepares a cocktail.
  12. Salvatore Romano references a female celebrity, someone’s outfit, his own outfit, or a Broadway musical.
  13. Roger Sterling and Don share a homoerotic moment.