Just Because It’s Hot Doesn’t Mean You Need To Be A Hot Mess

I sweat like a beast when it’s hot out and I’m running around. There. I said it. I’m so not that girl who somehow looks perfectly composed as I enter the cool air-conditioned office from the punishing 90-degree heat outside. Sorry. But my personal heat-induced nastiness has given me time and incentive to find ways to contain the terribleness. Here’s how to keep the moisture at bay on those days when it’s very, very clear that you’re minutes away from looking like a hot mess.

  1. Always choose a black tee over gray or white. To put it bluntly: Black shirts will hide your sweat stains and gray ones won’t.
  2. Choose a full skirt in a flowy material instead of a pencil skirt. Get a little ventilation going up in there.
  3. Stay the hell away from synthetic fabrics; they will not be kind to you. Something breathable, like cotton, is always better.
  4. Break rule three only if you want to get super sneaky with a moisture-wicking tank. This one does a Spanx-esque (but no so constricting) shaping sort of thing and pulls sweat away from your skin.
  5. Carry a handkerchief for face pat-downs. Nothing gives away a high-body temp like a face that looks like it came out of a pool. Control that business.