Slideshow: Jaime Pressly Pees In Public? The Best Intoxicated Celebrity Moments Caught On Tape.

jaime pressly pee 081209 jpg
Poor Jaime Pressly. The “My Name Is Earl” star is getting flack for a photo that shows her at her bridal shower over the weekend, peeing on the curb outside of The Abbey in West Hollywood. But wait … Jaime claims it’s a joke? “That is me doing dare #8 at my bridal shower..Things are not always what they seem…Notice my hand in the back..its pouring a bottle of water!!! C’mon guys! Do you think i would really pee in the entry way to the Abbey in broad DAYLIGHT!!!” [X17Online] The old bridal shower truth-or-dare excuse. OK, we kind of believe her. But this reminded us of all the other celebrities caught doing embarrassing things on film while totally driz-unk. After the jump, our favorite intoxicated celebrity moments.
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