Why Did The Real Housewives Of NYC Cancel Their Event?

A couple weeks ago, I got invited to an “amazing cocktail party shopping event”: “How To Dress to Land A Millionaire.” Ridiculous, right? But when I saw who was on the guest panel — Alex McCord and Ramona Singer from “The Real Housewives of New York City,” I knew I had to go. I even drafted a few questions I hoped to have the chance to ask the ladies. A week ago, I got an email saying the event had been canceled — well, postponed, technically, “until later in the fall.” Oh, noes! First, it was moved from Saks to some stuffy restaurant on the Upper East Side. Now, it’s postponed — perhaps indefinitely?! What do you think could have happened? After the jump, my nine best guesses as to why Alex and Ramona won’t be sharing their tips tonight on how to land a millionaire.

  1. Botched Botox.
  2. Unfortunate tan lines.
  3. Ramona found out the restaurant doesn’t serve her favorite kind of Chardonnay.
  4. Alex’s nanny quit, and Simon is on vacation with his boyfriend, so no one can watch the kids.
  5. Let’s blame Kelly!
  6. NeNe had a problem with it.
  7. Ramona broke a nail playing tennis.
  8. Bethenny was pissed Skinny Girl wasn’t asked to sponsor the event and shot everyone looks that could kill until they all dropped dead.
  9. They couldn’t find anything to wear.