Nepalese Men Offered Money To Marry Widows

Women protesters swarmed the streets of Nepal after the country’s government proposed paying men 50,000 rupees (about $1,000) to marry widowed women. A 10-year-long civil war responsible for the death of thousands of Nepalese men has left many women husbandless. Being a widow in Nepal isn’t easy because they are ostracized there. One woman explained that widows are prevented from wearing colorful clothes or attending events and are considered bad luck. To show their opposition, Nepalese women have taken to the streets with signs that read: “We don’t want government dowries” and “Don’t put a price on your mother.” One protest organizer, Durga Neupane, says that if the government doesn’t scrap the decision, activists will mobilize widows to protest throughout the country. Instead of being coupled with bribed husbands, she proposes, widows should be offered better access to jobs, education, and health care. Amen to that.

Tags: feminism, widows