I Wanna Dress Like: Rachel Menken From “Mad Men”

mm amc g1 jpg
Ms. Menken is no Betty Draper-esque wilting violet. Girlfriend has a department store to run, and the wardrobe to back up her moxie. She’s a working woman in a working man’s world, after all. Her style reflects the sometimes tenuous nature of her being in charge in that the-man-is-the-moneymaker time period. Rachel sticks to more conservative styles (think past-the-knee skirts, tweed jackets to cover the shoulders, basic shifts), but she sets herself apart when it comes to the details. She’s a big user and abuser of statement jewelry, satin floral fabrics, and leopard peeking out from under structured layers. Want to rip off her I’m-the-boss-of-you look? Here’s how…
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