Is The Secretary Of State’s Wardrobe In A State Of Emergency?

When it comes to Hillary’s style choices, it seems she’s in a lose-lose situation. She pioneered the pantsuit revival, but some take issue with her signature outfit. When it comes to the “pants saga,” Newsday says the Secretary of State has been looking especially dowdy as of late: “[Her suits are] looking downright shabby, not a bit flattering these days and well, kind of (yikes) jelly beanish.” Clinton Kelly of “What Not To Wear” slings some mud, too: “There’s no doubt in my mind that a colored pantsuit would end up on the top of the trash can on the show. Colored pantsuits are a little silly, outdated and aging. They don’t look like she’s a leader of the modern world.” What’s a Clinton to do? Get a makeover and revamp her look, and she’ll be criticized for being superficial and overly “concerned about her female image.” (When your style rival is Michelle Obama, who can compete?) Keep on with the pantsuits, and she’ll be accused of being too “mannish” when it comes to her fashion choices.

Meanwhile, you don’t hear anyone obsessing over all those schlubby congressmen in dated neckties and wrinkled suits. Let’s give Hillary a style break. []