Now You Can Blame Your Jealousy On Facebook

I’ve seen some things on Facebook that I wish I hadn’t. Last night, I was cruising my homepage when some pictures of my ex popped up in my newsfeed. We broke up years ago, so I thought to myself, “Why not? You can look. Who cares?” Apparently, I do. When I saw the pics of him and his girlfriend looking madly in love, I became insanely jealous. WTF? I’ve been over this guy for forever, so why was I so upset? Well, blame it on Facebook. According to a new study, the more time one spends on Facebook, the more likely she is to feel jealous toward her romantic partners, leading to more time on Facebook searching for additional information to fuel the jealousy. It’s an escalating cycle that may become addictive. So, I’m restricting my Facebook usage, lest I become like that girl who sent crazy emails to her BF while he was away in Europe. [Eureka Alert]

After the jump, cautionary tales of Facebook-inspired jealousy.

“A few months back, I started dating someone who I was really, really into. We were having a conversation about relationships, and ended up talking for a while about his ex-girlfriend. Their relationship was a mess, and she was totally not the one for him, but they were together for years and talked about getting married. So when I saw her comment on a photo of him, I just had to click on her profile and find out more about her. BIG. HUGE. MISTAKE. She is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen—stunning face, bonkers body. I’m kind of surprised she’s a nurse and not a model. I instantly felt beyond inadequate and joined Weight Watchers like two hours later.”

“I was dating this guy I used to date back in college—we had recently rekindled our relationship via Facebook. I was skeptical of him because he had screwed me over back in the day, but years had passed and he convinced me that he had changed and I wanted to give him another chance. After about a month of dating, he mysteriously stopped returning my phone calls, emails, and texts. I was so devastated that he broke my heart again and I wanted answers. I checked his Facebook regularly for clues about what the heck happened. I got my answer one day when his relationship status changed and I saw that he had gotten back together with his ex. To top it all off, his status update said, ‘John Doe is so in love with his girlfriend.’ That was the first and only time I ever de-friended anyone.”

“Once, I was checking out my ex’s profile when I noticed that a friend of his left a wall post saying that she was in town and missed him. I questioned him about it and he said he hadn’t even seen the post because he doesn’t go on Facebook very often. He assured me that there wasn’t anything going on with the girl and hadn’t seen her in years. I try not to inject unnecessary drama into my relationships, but I must admit that I didn’t like the jealous person I was becoming over this stupid wall post. So, I just stopped checking his page.”

Has this ever happened to you? Please share and help break the cycle!