Women In Labor Need To Lay Off The Twittering

In the world of Facebook and Twitter, it’s beginning to feel like not much is sacred or private. On Tuesday, Sara Williams, wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams, pushed the boundaries of discretion even further, when she tweeted about being in labor … while it was happening. She told her 14,000-plus followers when her water broke, when her contractions got painful, and when she got her epidural. And she’s not alone. Some women find it necessary to dish the deets of childbirth live via Twitter, including Erykah Badu.Regular chicks are doing it, too. Terra Carmichael, 36, of San Francisco twoted from her iPhone while popping out her babe. “I would literally be coming down from a really painful contraction and I’d be saying, ‘Give me my iPhone.'” New York City’s Kyle Monson tweeted for his wife while she was in labor. “We were on our iPhone and BlackBerry right up until the point when my wife started pushing, and then we had to put those phones down.”

When I’m on a date, I’m immediately turned off if the other person starts messing with their phone. If my partner so much as glanced at their phone while I was in labor, the sh*t would hit the fan. Childbirth is an intimate process, and I don’t get why you’d want to share it with a bunch of strangers while it’s happening. Sure, call your family and close friends on the way to the hospital, but after that it’s TMI on a public forum.

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