Today’s Lady News: Hillary Clinton Has No Sense Of Humor

  • Seventy percent of those asked in a study of 815 people said that a woman should take her hubby’s name when they marry. Even more surprising is that 50 percent of people said a woman should be legally required to become Mrs. Brad Pitt. [NY Daily News] — Even if his last name is something like Weiner?
  • Scott Roeder, the man accused of murdering Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita physician who provided late-term abortions, has been allegedly receiving a steady stream of anti-choice visitors while in the clink. Jailhouse guests of Roeder reportedly include two convicted abortion clinic bombers and several activists who have signed a declaration defending the murder of abortion docs. [Kansas City Star] — Why is someone who is accused of murder allowed to have so many violent “friends” visit him in jail?
  • NPR did a story about Norway, where businesses had until the end of 2008 to comply with a law requiring that the boards of publicly traded companies be 40 percent female. Theoretically, companies that don’t make the quota would have to shut down. [NPR] — Does that sound like a good idea to you?