Australia Has a Sex Party — A Political Sex Party, That Is

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has approved and registered the Australian Sex Party. The party has some 3,000 members and was founded by Colin Edwards, a sex shop owner and vice president of Australia’s national adult entertainment association. Eventually, Edwards plans to run for political office on the Sex Party ticket. Talk about sleeping your way to the top. [ABC]It’s hard to determine exactly what the party stands for and what kind of legislation they’ll be promoting, but it is clear that they wish to give voters a viable option to the moral right. Edwards thinks the party will be a serious force to be reckoned with, but naysayers—like political scientist Professor Geoff Cockfield (who, based on his name alone, should join the party)—disagree.

Either way, you’ve got to give it to the Sex Party. Why can’t American politics be this fun? Here are some other political parties we’d like to see …

  • The Single Party: If you haven’t noticed, single people in this country get screwed all of the time – on taxes, health insurance, and representation. I wouldn’t mind a break on my taxes due to my single status. And how about some laws that make dating easier?
  • The Bohemian Party: This party would support artistry of all kinds, encouraging pro-bohemian-lifestyle legislation for art, music, literature, film, and fashion.
  • The Party Party: Building on the ideals from the Sex Party and the Bohemian Party, the Party Party would encourage fun. The party would focus on tourism, alcohol, marijuana, and free cable.
  • The Oprah Party: Where Oprah goes, we will follow. Platforms would include female empowerment, charity, global love, and Favorite Things Day.
  • The Food Party: Not only will no one go hungry, but everything they eat will be gourmet. Maybe Tom Colicchio could run for president.
  • The Pet Party: PETA works hard for the animal lovers. I’m thinking mandatory dog runs, nationalized health care for pets, and jail time for those who abuse or neglect animals. And more stringent punishments for peeps who neglect to clean up their pets’ poop.

What party would you like to start?