Perez Hilton Is Launching CocoPerez, A Site For Women. We Barf.

Jezebel peeked at Perez Hilton’s new site for 20-something women and screen-grabbed the hell out of it. The not-yet-launched site is called, and it’s for women who like their news with ejaculate dribbles scribbled on it! Just kidding. Actually, Perez kept it in his pants for CocoPerez. The site is a weird hybrid of flunky punctuation skills and attempts at feminist street cred.

What could have possibly possessed Perez to do this? He’s such a misogynist! Need we even enumerate the ways Perez denigrates women, disrespects gays, and, overall, totally sucks? He brands sexual women as “sluts” all the time, doodles jizz dribbling from everyone’s mouths, called Will.I.Am a “faggot,” copped to almost calling him the n-word, and leaked explicit photos of “Milk” screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. It stands to reason that CocoPerez is supposed to appeal to the women who prefer their celeb gossip without a penis doodled on someone’s face. Perez Hilton Lite maybe?

I guess Perez thinks women are stupid. Pen a pseudo-feminist post on CocoPerez about how airbrushing is bad for women’s body image, and then on write “slut” on Miley Cyrus’ face. We won’t notice!

Sorry, we’re not buying your latest load of crap, Perez. Here’s to CocoPerez being dead on arrival. [Jezebel]