The Ruckus Over Miley Cyrus’ Pole Dance Begins

We knew Miley Cyrus’ brief pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards was going to spark a debate and, lo and behold, it has. Parent advocacy groups are up in arms, and blogs are crowing: “Miley Cyrus Does Her Part For the Pornification Of America.” In Newsday, child psychologist Wendi Fischer opined, “She’s sending the message that this is ‘OK’ to do, and I don’t think it is OK to do.” [Newsday] The Disney Channel, which made Miley a star in “Hannah Montana,” has backed away from the controversy: “The Disney Channel won’t be commenting on that performance, although parents can rest assured that all content presented on the Disney Channel is age-appropriate for our audience — kids 6-14 — and consistent with what our brand values are.” Miley’s record label hasn’t said anything.

What does Miley have to say for herself? We have no idea—she hasn’t commented yet. Before the performance, she seemed pumped about it. “This is to represent where I am from,” she told MTV. “I’m so proud of it. All the girls trying to be Hollywood and stuff with their big glasses, [this is] me shooing them away.” [MTV]

In Tennessee, ice cream trucks come equipped with stripper poles?