King Of Pop News Drop: Autopsy Findings Withheld As A Movie Is Announced

After all the publicity surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, the LA county coroner is withholding Jacko’s autopsy results for “security” reasons. Police don’t want the findings to be known publicly because they think it could negatively affect their criminal investigation. [MTV] But there is something else being released …On October 30, Sony Pictures will bring us “This Is It,” a 3-D film that contains footage of MJ’s final concert rehearsals, as well as interviews with the King of Pop’s friends and collaborators. Sony dropped a whopping $60 million to strike a deal with Jacko’s estate and AEG, the concert promoter who taped the rehearsals. Sony wasted no time in announcing the flick. They put the word out hours after a judge approved their deal to acquire the footage. [NY Times]

Do you want to see the movie? Or do you think it’s a lame attempt to profit off Michael’s death?