Man To Marry His Favorite Pillow

Last week, we learned about a woman who plans to wed a fairground ride. This week comes word of a man who has announced he plans to marry his pillow. Okeke Ikechukwu, a 26-year-old Nigerian man, told the Daily Metro that a bad stutter makes it difficult for him to speak to girls, so he’s decided to tie the knot with his favorite pillow instead. “I have needs,” he explains, “and so I have taken to sleeping with my pillow in my arms ever since I was 16. I have grown to fall in love with it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life with it.” Mazel Tov!

“[U]nlike a woman, the pillow would cost him little or nothing to maintain for the rest of its life,” Ikechukwu says — because, you know, women are so costly to maintain! Sounds like Ikechukwu might find some kindred spirits on the love-shy forum! [via Asanova]