La Toya Jackson Could Join “Dancing With The Stars”

The sudden death of Michael Jackson has been the best thing to happen to his sister La Toya Jackson’s “career,” apparently. She’s always wanted a career on par with those of Michael and Janet, but she lacks the talent. Now, La Toya could be one of the “stars” competing on the ninth installment of “Dancing with the Stars.” Reportedly, she’s been approached by the show and is in “serious talks.” At least her age-inappropriate attire will be appropriate for this venue. After the jump, our dream list of “DWTS” contestants.

  1. Shaquille O’Neal — He’s over seven-feet tall, which would be great for some laughs.
  2. Dustin Diamond — He’s a jerk, and we want to see him embarrassed.
  3. Janice Dickinson — She’s crazy and flexible.
  4. Tyra Banks — Finally, she’ll realize she’s not perfect.
  5. Shakira — Let’s see how this talented belly dancer fares in the ballroom.
  6. Michael Phelps — He’s tall and gangly. Let’s hope he tokes before performing.
  7. Ricky Martin — Just because.
  8. Samantha Ronson — We’re dying to see her wear something other than skinny jeans and a tank.
  9. Prince — Maybe this will help him realize that he really does need a hip replacement.
  10. Phyllis Diller — At 92, she can show the young folks how it’s done.
  11. Dina Lohan — You know she’s been dying to be a star, so here’s her big break.
  12. Coca Rocha — She’s an Irish dancer-turned-model, which would be interesting on this show.
  13. Courtney Love — This could either go really well or terribly wrong.