Foot In Mouth Alert: Reporter Asks Jamie-Lynn Sigler If Beautiful Women Really Date Fat Guys

We think it’s ultra-adorable that Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara (come on, Turtle from “Entourage,” people) fell in lovesies when she guest-starred as his character’s girlfriend on “Entourage” last season. It’s even more adorable that she’s returned to the show this season, and they’re still head-over-heels. So, we were none too pleased when we caught wind of this interview Sigler did with “The Quick Fix.” (Watch it here.) The interviewer had no idea that Sigler and Ferrara were an off-screen couple, and one of his first questions out of the gate was, “In real life, do you think beautiful women would date fat dudes?” Awkward alert!

Jamie replied: “But I don’t think my boyfriend falls into the category that you’re saying.” That’s when the reporter had his a-ha moment. “I really stepped it in there,” he noted.

You know how we feel about teddy bears like Jerry, so we don’t know what this guy was talking about. Don’t worry, though. He’s sending Jerry a bunch of “ABC News” hats as an apology gift. Uh, thanks?

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