Could Angelina Be Preggers Again?

If the weekly tabs aren’t accusing Angie and Brad of breaking up, the rumors are that they’re expecting. This week, the buzz is that Angelina’s showing signs she might be pregnant. The evidence? At the Inglourious Basterds premiere in L.A. on Monday night, her arms didn’t look like the sticks they normally do! Also, she was “bubbly, fun and … nice.” When is Angelina ever nice? When she’s pregnant, duh! Despite looking nothing but trim in a sexy, black leather dress — a typical old-school Angie getup — she sent tongues a-wagging when she skipped the champagne while Brad enjoyed his beer all night.When asked if more kids are on the horizon, Angelina replied that she’s “always” thinking about adding to their brood. Brad echoed her sentiments, exclaiming, “Of course! That’s always something we talk about!” Although they have no plans to put the breaks on baby-making anytime soon, Angie said she and Brad are definitely going to retire from movie-making in the not-too-distant future so they can focus on their family. Uh, yeah, we’ve heard that one before. [via E! Online]