Shocker: Women Eat Way Less When Dudes Are Around!

Admit it: When you go on a date with a cute guy, you don’t order a big, greasy quarter-pounder and a giant plate of fries, even if you really, really want to. A Canadian study has confirmed what we all know to be sad but true: Women eat smaller meals with fewer calories when dudes are around. Even chicks who chow down amidst both genders tend to go towards the lower end of the calorie scale. Basically, the more guys present, the fewer calories a woman consumes. As usual, we can point our fingers (or tongues) at the diet industry. Girls feel self-conscious about gorging themselves because super-skinny models are everywhere we look. Sure, our society may have decided that it’s more feminine to eat like a bird, but if a guy isn’t attracted to you because you can house a hamburger, do you really want to date him, anyway? [Eureka Alert]