Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen Line Is No Joke

Only Will Ferrell could, erm, make cancer funny? A comedian knows that sometimes you have to laugh in the face of life’s challenges. Perhaps that’s why he launched his own hilarious sunscreen line for a charity called Cancer For College, which donates funds to students suffering from cancer (who often can’t attend school because the disease takes such a toll on family finances). Where to buy it, after the jump!

Now you can lather yourself up in style (sort of) with three different types of Will Ferrell lotion. There’s “Sexy Hot Tan,” featuring a butt-crack-bearing Ferrell; “Forbidden Fruit,” showing him with a fig leaf on his wee-wee à la Adam and Eve (tagline: “And the rich cream brought protection and comfort and it was good … “); and “Sun Stroke,” which has something to do with improving your shirtless golf game.

The funnyman’s genius marketing has sold thousands of sunscreen products to those who want to “stay classy” in the sun.

[$11.99, CancerForCollege.org]