The Life Of A Hand Model—It Ain’t All Manicures And Big Paydays

How freakin’ hard can hand modeling be? Despite the $1,200-a-day pay rates, it’s not so easy, according to full-time parts model Ashly Covington. (That’s her hand, starring in a NuvaRing ad.) Sure, she can earn thousands for an hour or two of “work,” but a career based solely on the appearance of one’s hands is no picnic! She never cooks, cleans, or does anything that could threaten her perfect manicure. And forget about the errant paper-cut — it’s career suicide! Says Covington: “Most people can walk away from work when they’re done with a job, but parts models can’t, because [our parts] have to be flawless. I moisturize 20 to 30 times a day, and wear gloves 90 percent of the time … When it’s your livelihood, you’ve got to think hands first.”

Breaking into the industry—it is modeling, after all—is hyper-competitive: “Some people have a very romanticized view of what [parts] modeling is,” says Danielle Korwin, president of the New York City-based Parts Models modeling agency. “Their boyfriend or grandmother or mother has said, ‘you have great hands, you should be a model,’ but we want only the exceptional. Your hands have to be veinless, poreless and flawless.”

So, you’re saying my fat-knuckled, bitten-fingernailed hands haven’t got a chance? [CNN]