The Future Is Now: DIY Jeans That Actually Look Good

Your search for the perfect pair of jeans is over! Want to know who makes ‘em? You! indiDenim, a “virtual denim” brand, gives you the power to design your own pair. We aren’t talking about picking dark blue over light; we’re talking details from start to finish. The “design” process is pretty intense and starts with you selecting your ideal fabric (lightweight or thick), rise (high, mid, or low waist), leg, and hem, before delving into other details like belt-loop and stitching.
They added a distressing option to the design process this week. Shoppers can pick among 10 different ways to beat the crap out of their denim. If, for some reason, you’re not feeling your own handy work, not to worry: indiDenim has a Perfect Fit Promise (if they don’t wear as well as you’d hoped, they’ll re-tailor the jeans for you), they offer a generous return policy, and if all else fails you can get a full refund. Each pair starts around $145, depending on what bells and whistles you add to your custom jeans. Log on and start designing at indiDenim. [indiDenim]