Taylor Swift Pranks Keith Urban, And Other Celeb Pranksters Caught On Film

Since Keith Urban and Taylor Swift are on tour together, Keith asked Taylor to join him on stage to sing “Kiss a Girl.” Taylor came out decked-out in KISS gear for the duet. Keith burst out laughing.

Last week, we told you about Quentin Tarantino’s favorite prank: photographing his stars asleep with a dildo by their face. Do celebrities seem to pull pranks on each other more than the average person? After the jump, pranks caught on tape.

Jimmy Kimmel pranking Matt Damon makes us chuckle. We love to see Matt upset. It’s so endearing.

Watch this interview to check out how George Clooney and Brad Pitt prank. Pitt found a bumper sticker on his car that read “Small Penis Onboard” after he put out an official memo to the crew working on “Ocean’s 12″ that instructed everyone to call Clooney “Mr. Ocean” for the duration of the shoot.

In 2008, Rooney pranked the Jonas Brothers by hopping across the stage dressed as giant bunnies. A few weeks later, the brothers donned banana suits to surprise Rooney.

We wish this one was caught on tape. Mel Gibson took photos of himself with a cigar in his, uh, yeah, and then offered said cigar to actor Joe Pesci.