Should Boob Jobs Help Fund Health-Care Reform?

Obviously, money is a huge hurdle when it comes to Obama’s trillion-dollar health-care plan, but here’s one revenue source government officials may consider: tax on plastic surgery. The excise “bo-tax” (no we didn’t make that term up, but wish we could take credit) allegedly being floated around by the feds would be placed on cosmetic procedures that aren’t medical necessities, like boob jobs, teeth whitening, Botox injections, and face lifts. New Jersey already imposes such taxes, the revenue of which, we’d surmise, comes largely from the cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” It would make sense to tax the rich for frivolities, right? Unfortunately, the Plastic Surgery Channel reports that a large portion of patients aren’t necessarily loaded.

“There’s a lot of data out there that a significant portion of the patients that get cosmetic procedures are actually the middle class. They will be impacted by this, as well, and it will further delay them getting the procedure of their dreams that they’ve been saving up for,” says a Dallas health-care attorney.

While “bo-tax” hasn’t become an altogether serious resolution for negotiators, it’s on the table as an option. What do you think? Is it just to tax non-essential beauty procedures to make national health care a reality?