Photographer David LaChapelle Leaves New York, Takes Up Nudity

David LaChapelle does not take your average celebrity pictures. Rather, if he’s shooting Pam Anderson, she’s naked, prostrate, and covered in stars, but, you know, in a way that’s comfortable for her. Not even Jesus can escape LaChapelle’s provocative lens. But he’s done with all that now. Apparently, all the museum exhibits and glamorous parties around the world have lost their luster. His surprising new career turn, after the jump…He’s taking up eco-friendliness and nudity.

“I love glamour, I love fashion. But when that’s the sole purpose it becomes very limiting,” he told WSJ. He’s remedying the effects of all those boring limitations with a plantation-style house in Maui that’s fully equipped with solar panels and a pink-camo Mercedes that runs on vegetable oil. Clothing, of course, is optional. [Elle UK]