Today’s Lady News: Eunice Kennedy, JFK’s Sister, Dies

  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, passed away last night at the age of 88. Shriver is the sister of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy, as well as the mom of Maria Shriver and mother-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although she never held office, Shriver was one of the most prominent and vocal advocates for the developmentally challenged. [NY Times]
  • A sexual assault victim in Canada is suing Carleton University because, she says, the school failed to adequately protect her from an August 2007 attack. In her lawsuit, the 25-year-old claimed the laboratory that she was assaulted in did not have security devices, such as swipe cards, and that the door and tunnel entrances to the building were not visibly monitored by video cameras. The university responded that the victim should have registered with its Department of University Safety as a “student working late,” and that she failed to keep a “proper lookout” for her own safety. [Ottawa Citizen] — Way to blame the victim, Carleton University.
  • Talk show host Glenn Beck joked last week about poisoning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wine at her upcoming fundraiser in Napa Valley. Pelosi, a Democrat, is the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives. [Huffington Post] — Classy, Glenn. Classy.