Airbrushing Facebook Photos Is The Vainest Thing I’ve Ever Heard Of

Airbrushing: It used to be only for average-sized women on ladymag covers and Gisele’s pregnant belly. Now, according to The Sun, some Facebookers are touching up their personal photos to plump boobs, flatten bellies, and whiten teeth. One British photography shop said customers who want their photos airbrushed have increased 550 percent.You, too, can enjoy the sorcery of airbrushing with a little help from sites like Portrait Professional. It claims to recolor or thicken the subject’s hair, reshape facial features to appear smaller, erase pimples, and remove wrinkles and shine from skin. $69.95 is a small price to pay for bamboozling your next Facebook stalker!

Crikey. When I was a young sprout, people un-tagged themselves from unflattering Facebook pics. Vanity has gotten the better of some of us, I guess. [The Sun UK]