Quickies!: New “Molecular Condom” May Prevent AIDS Transmission

  • A new “molecular” liquid condom has been developed that would prevent the transmission of AIDS during intercourse. The condom consists of a vaginal gel that turns semisolid in the presence of sperm, trapping the AIDS virus. [Medical News Today] – Sounds promising!
  • Twilight” has inspired clothing lines and greeting cards. Now, Mattel is launching two new Barbie dolls: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. [People] — Sadly, Edward’s doll doesn’t do his steamy sex appeal justice.
  • Marriages are tough enough, but with the recession, things are even harder. One wife’s story reveals the harsh reality many couples are faced with these days. [Wall Street Journal]
  • We’re sad summer’s almost over, but we’re not gonna miss these awful swimsuits. [Lemon Drop]