The simplicity of Twitter: simple status updates – continues to confound and fascinate writers to no end. It’s no wonder then that book after book is being churned out by the phenom. (Even Bill O’Reilly has one!) The latest – and probably funniest – of the bunch is titled “Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Words or Less” and is penned by writer Nick Douglas. The former columnist compiled hundreds of tweets from every day Joes and Janes to Hollywood Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Fallon. The result is absolutely hilarious. It’s hard to skim through two pages without laughing hysterically. My favorite -hands down – is by a user who tweets this:
“They should really start teaching young girls in schools just how valuable their virginity is and the websites where you can legally sell it.” Brilliance indeed. The book officially goes on sale on August 25th, but you can preorder your copy right now on Amazon. [Gawker]