“True Blood” Recap: Tara And Eggs Get Some Heart

The folks at HBO seem to outdo themselves with every “True Blood” episode and last night’s was no different. Basically, it was all about rescuing Sookie and Godric, who didn’t really need any assistance, from the Fellowship of the Sun people, and Maryann continued her domination over Tara and Eggs. Sarah shot Jason with a paintball gun, but then she insulted Sookie: “We have your sister. You’re no more than a bunch of heartless, two-faced vampire-f**ckers!” Jason knocked her to the ground and went back to the temple to rescue Sookie. But Eric was already there because he’d heard Barry’s message to Bill. Godric told Eric to help Sookie escape from the Fellowship freaks, but to not shed any blood on his way out. As they were trying to leave, Steve Newlin’s army surrounded them, and Eric offered himself in place of Godric for Steve’s “vampire-killing ceremony.” Once again, Bill got the Sookie’s-in-danger feeling, and he arrived, only to be surrounded by stake-wielding Soldiers of the Sun.

Jason fired the paintball gun to stop Steve from pointing a gun at Sookie. He followed up the first shot to Steve’s hand with another one right between the eyes. Sookie freed Eric from the altar. Then, a band of Dallas vampires arrived thirsty for revenge. But Godric stopped them, saying he didn’t want to strain vampire/human relations, and the Fellowship people actually treated him well. He asked the humans which of them were willing to die for the reverend, and they stood down and exited the temple. All the vamps, Sookie, and Jason went back to Godric’s nest for a party, where Lorena, Bill’s maker, showed up. Sookie, who has become more aggressive since drinking Bill’s blood, stood up to Lorena, explaining that Bill had made his choice. Lorena tried to bite Sookie, but Godric stopped her and said she needed to get far away from Dallas.

Now, on to Maryann’s craziness … Sam found Daphne’s body in the bar’s freezer. Her heart was cut out in the same way as Tara’s fake exorcist was mutilated. Before he could call the police, the sheriff showed up. The sheriff suspected Sam was the killer and jailed him. There were other townspeople in the jail, but they couldn’t remember why because they’d blacked out. Tara and Eggs started to become suspicious of all their blackouts, but Maryann took care of that. Then, we finally found out what she’s been doing with those hearts: feeding them to people. She made Eggs and Tara a “Hunter’s Souffle,” which was oozing with the blood and flesh of Daphne’s heart. And they unknowingly consumed it with the same orgy-tastic fervor as before. Only this time, they became so intoxicated by the pie that they engaged in some weird, slap-happy foreplay.

Jessica and Hoyt lost their virginity together, but when they tried to do it again, Jessica realized that she would forever be a virgin because her hymen was intact when she was turned. Once again, Hoyt proved himself to be a gentleman. Every time will be special now.