Too Hairy For Love?

I’m not gonna lie. Years ago, I went out with a guy whose hairy back and shoulders grossed me out so much, I had a hard time envisioning much of a future with him. He was an unemployed, pill-popping chain-smoker — oh, and he was short, too — but it was his excessive body hair that really made me doubt the longevity of our affair. Ironically, after a few dates, it was he who ended things with me, which really made my self-esteem plummet. Getting dumped by a hottie every woman lusts after is one thing, but having your calls go repeatedly unanswered by a short, little hairy man with bad breath is something else altogether. It was weeks before I had the confidence to even return any online dating winks. My point is this: Hairy backs are gross, but they don’t have to be a death sentence when it comes to dating, which is why this story is particularly sad. A Chinese man says he can’t get a girlfriend because of the thick black hair that covers much of his body. Xiao Song, 23, was born with large birth marks that now sprout hair, which, understandably, is a bit of a turn-off for the ladies.

“I can’t even wear T-shirts or shirts,” he said, “since my hair is so hard that they penetrate through the material.” And even when he managed to find one girl who said she didn’t care about all that? “Her family forced her to split up with me because they were worried my condition could be passed on to our children,” Song explains. The thing I don’t quite understand is, why doesn’t he wax that sh**? I mean, I know it gets expensive, and it’s not the most pleasant way to spend half an hour, but if it meant the difference between having a relationship and dying alone, wouldn’t it be worth it?

What do you think — should he wax it, or keep waiting for the Ms. Right (and her family) who won’t be bothered by his unusual amount of body hair? [via Ananova]