Today’s Lady News: Sonia Sotomayor Sworn In As Supreme Court Justice

  • “Wise Latina” Sonia Sotomayor took the judicial oath of the Supreme Court on Saturday morning. She is the first Latina and the third woman to sit on the Supreme Court. [New York Times] — Her first case will be a snoozy-sounding campaign finance matter. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.
  • A group of NYC mothers took to the subway last week to breastfeed their babies on the train. The mommies said they wanted to remind fellow riders, as well as the police, that breastfeeding on the subway is legal. [NY Post] — Breastfeeding on the subway is definitely better than breastfeeding while drunk.
  • A Kenyan man renewed his dowry offer of 40 goats and 20 cows to the Clinton family for Chelsea’s hand in marriage. Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor originally offered the dowry to President Clinton nine years ago and offered again when Secretary of State Clinton visited the country last week. [CNN] — Clinton tactfully replied, “She’s very independent. So I will convey this very kind offer.” No word yet on Chelsea’s response.
  • Alanis Morrisette guest-starred on “Weeds” as an OBGYN who is unfazed by the anti-choice protester in her clinic parking lot. She even gives a Claritin to the guy who is screaming at her that she’s a baby killer. [Showtime] — Abortion? On a TV show? Somebody tell whoever at FOX decided that “Family Guy” episode was not allowed to air.