The War On Muffin Tops: The “Skinny Jeans Workout”

Unfastening that OMG-I-can’t-breathe top button is one way to fit into your skinny jeans. But for the truly trendy, Skinny Jeans Workout classes claim to obliterate the “muffin tops” (also known as the normal, healthy “stomach”) that pop over most women’s zippers when we zip up our J.Crew matchstick jeans. Apparently, gyms around the country are teaching Skinny Jeans Workout classes, which remind us of the Stiletto Strength classes at Crunch Fitness Gyms that supposedly help improve your posture and make you walk more elegantly in heels. CNN spoke to some fitness instructors who said the combination ballet/Pilates/weight-lifting Skinny Jeans Workout not only tones your abdominal muscles and thighs, but gives a gal better posture so she doesn’t slump over the front of her skinny jeans when she walks. [CNN]

We’ve got nothing against exercise, but it might make more sense to just buy a bigger, more comfortable pair of jeans instead and be able to breathe, right?