The Secret To The Success Of “Mad Men” Is The Women Behind It

It’s no secret – we’re hooked on “Mad Men.” The characters are interesting, the style is sharp, and the dialogue is brilliant. So, who’s behind this acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series? Women! Because who knows how to depict men better than the ladies who deal with them?

Seven out of nine of the “Mad Men” scriptwriters are women. Considering that from 2007 to 2008, women comprised only 13 percent of television writers, a show that boasts such a high female-to-male-writer ratio is newsworthy, especially for a series considered to be a “men’s show.” Amy Chozick of the Wall Street Journal explains what these females bring to the table: “The writers, led by the show’s creator Matthew Weiner, are drawing on their experiences and perspectives to create the show’s heady mix: a world where the men are in control and the women are more complex than they seem, or than the male characters realize.”

Kate Gordon started as a babysitter for Weiner and another, Jennifer Getzinger, started out as a script supervisor. Although they might not have had to plump themselves up, like Peggy Olson did, to be taken seriously in the workplace, they most likely have a perspective their male coworkers lack: that of a women trying to ascend a male-dominated industry.

“A lot of people think women can only do women shows,” said Getzinger. Evidently not.