Love-Shy Men Blame Their Virginity On Women

An article on Times Online introduces us to the term “Love Shyness,” a rare psychological “condition” (it’s not included in the American DSM-1V — “the clinicians’ bible for psychiatric diagnoses”) that affects only men. Love-shyness is a kind of chronic shyness that makes it nearly impossible for a man “to initiate or to engage in romantic interplay.” That’s not only foreplay we’re talking about — love-shy men have trouble even making eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. They have a hard time carrying on a conversation with women, shake uncontrollably in their presence, and sometimes even sob. Not unsurprisingly, these men are “terminally, heartbrokenly, virginally lonely,” and if their message board on is any indicator, they blame women for their sorry state. Taking a quick peek at the site, I found these topics on the first page of their forum: “Misandry vs. Misongyny,” “Ok, this needs to be heard. No more misogyny,” “Feminism has even effected spell-checkers,” “Women who date men for their money are prostitutes,” “OMG, the size of girls’ egos,” and “AMAZING how clueless womyn are when it comes to men’s issues.”

It’s classic, isn’t it? These men are so chronically shy that a handshake with a woman after a job interview is the “furthest” they’ve ever gotten with the opposite sex, and, of course, it’s all the fault of women.

“Personality means nothing to women, who only care about looks or money,” said one love-shy man who was quoted in the article. “All women?” asked the interviewer. “All the women I’ve met,” he replied. If it were true that “personality means nothing to women,” wouldn’t that actually be a plus for some of these love-shy men, who can barely manage to utter a two-syllable “hello” to a woman? Just saying … [via Times Online]