The Today Show’s Kathie Lee And Hoda Are In The Closet

Is it bizarre that I have a major case of closet envy? I know, I know, but, really—check out these shots of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s dressing rooms, after the jump!Kathie Lee’s goods:

And now Hoda’s print-filled closet:

I mean, it’s organization nation in there: necklaces hanging from safety pins, hosiery in shoe organizers (complete with labels!), everything on foam-lined hangers … I could learn a few things from these two. And actually, you have to hand it to them. They really know what works and stick to it. I could definitely stand to lose a few pieces of clothing that are hanging in my closet this very moment—nothing about a size-too-small romper is good; same goes for my long, stark, white “spring” coat that I bought at full-price and have never worn because I live in dirty, grimy New York City. I think it’s time for a self-editing session. Unlikely closet-organizing inspiration courtesy of “The Today Show.” [Glamour]