The Personal Chefs Of Hollywood

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston keeps rounding up boyfriend after boyfriend? The secret might be in her kitchen, which she claims is “the best restaurant in town.” But it’s not because the actress gets behind the stove. All the credit goes to her stellar personal chefs, Jewels and Jill Elmore. “My friends love coming over [to my house], because they get fed,” she told O Magazine. Of course, Aniston is not the only starlet with a wonderful chef in the kitchen. Tons of celebs are served up food in the comfort of their own homes crafted personally for them by the best in the business. [People]

After the jump, some of the hottest Hollywood chefs who really warm our appetite.

  • Trained in Paris, Kai Chase was cooking for Michael Jackson when he died. She knew something was wrong when the doc didn’t come down to get Jackson’s everyday juice and granola. This gal has also cooked for the likes of Barack Obama and Jamie Foxx. [Kai Chase]
  • Jay Z has his very own “chicken wing chef,” responsible for making sure there are “100 wings … available for him and his flunkies to eat every night.” The rapper has also been known to request that his chef take over the kitchen at restaurants like Nobu, where the fare is just too gourmet for his taste. [Daily Mirror]
  • Bruce Springsteen’s personal chef is required to measure all the acid in the singer’s meals so that the food he eats doesn’t eff up his vocal chords. [Guardian]
  • In 2008, it was rumored that Tom Cruise hired a personal chef for Katie Holmes because he thought she was too skinny. Knowing Katie’s love of Asian cuisine, Cruise hired a sushi chef to make dishes Katie just wouldn’t be able to resist. [Now Magazine]
  • Obviously, Oprah eats only the best, but sometimes her own personal chef is too much for her. On an episode of the “Rachael Ray Show,” chef Art Smith revealed that Oprah sometimes can’t take his “healthy” portions of food. Oprah once told him his large cooking style could “feed the whole entire city of Chicago.” [Rachael Ray Show]